Is it possible to set global elements or parameters?


Some elements and parameters in my app would impact the user no matter what page they are on. Two examples I can think of are:

  • A disabled account: Here, I want users to get similar message saying the account is disabled no matter what page they are on
  • List item: A popup item. I use it to announce new features or a product tour. In the same way, I might want every user to see the same pop up no matter what page they have accessed.

What I’ve tried so far:

This works, but multiplies the amount of work needed, and also opens a risk to inconsistency:

  • I build the element I want, whether it’s a pop-up or a “when page loads” conditions. I test it, and once everything is working, I copy and paste it to every other page.

What I would have wanted to build:

One element that globally applies to all pages (or even more complex, only pages I choose, without having to build the entire logic into each page individually. That way - I don’t have to build it more than once, and if I make tiny changes, they automatically apply to every page.

You should use reusable element.

This^. Just like creating a Header or Footer, you can create a reusable “Floating Group”, etc that acts similarly.

Regarding the second “List” use case, you could:

  1. Create a “New Features” database
  2. Create a reusable popup element containing, say, a repeating group, that grabs “New Features’s Title” limited to, say, the 3 most recently created items with a “View all Updates” button option.

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