Is it possible to show a list of uploaded files by user?

As in, having a repeating group that says: search for files created by current user.
The files would be referring to the files in the upload manager

I had users upload voice recordings… about 150 of them. But I had it incorrectly set up so that it uploaded them, but didn’t attach them to a “Thing”. Am I able to backtrack and pull out the list of their recordings in a repeating group sorted by user?

Unfortunately, I think the short answer is no - at least not in any practical way.

Ideally, a reference to each file - basically, a field of type File (which is essentially the URL) - would have been associated with and saved to each user in the DB. That would have enabled you to retrieve each user’s recordings.

However, that alone would not prevent someone else from accessing the file if they knew the URL. That’s where the “attached to” comes into play. It’s a security measure. Only users with access to the Thing to which the file is attached will be able to access the file itself.

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