Is it possible to use the URL parameter to return to the search screen with the condition still checked in the checkbox?

Can it be implemented to return to the search screen with the checks made in (1) retained when the following actions are performed?
Can it be implemented using URL parameters?

(1)On the search screen, check the items in the checkboxes.
(2)A list of users matching the criteria is displayed (Repeating Group)
(3)Click the user to move to the detail page.
(4)On the detail page, click the Back button to return to the search page.

Example: When searching for users in the travel category

(1)Check “Travel” in the checkbox
(2)Users in the “Travel” category are displayed in the list.
(3)Click on someone in the list to move to the detail page.
(4)When you return to the list page using the Back button, you will return to the search page with the “Travel” checkbox still checked.

Yes you can send data as url parameters. Use the workflows for navigating to add parameters via pre built Bubble actions or you can use the Toolbox plugin action ‘Run Javascript’ to create a url dynamically like so:

let url = "", "_self")

The “_self” will open the new page in the current tab or you can use “_blank” to open in a new tab.

Then on the page with the checkboxes you can have a conditional for if Get data from url meets certain criteria then the box should be checked by default.

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If you’re using url parameters, then for any links to the details page or back to the search screen, just check the send current page parameters in the action so that the criteria will be preserved as the user moves from page to page.

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Thanks for the support!

Thanks for the advice!

When a checkbox is checked, can its value be given as a URL parameter to the page URL?

Hi. sure, refresh page and change the parameter (refreshing current page doesn’t actually refresh)

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