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Is it Possible?

Hi all,

I have started a web application with multi site wordpress but since I am at the beginning I would like to use bubble if It can do the job. Can you please let me know if the below scenario is possible?

  1. My site is yacht listings for charter. When a user registers at my site, he gets a unique URL with yacht listings and detail views which he can distribute to clients but also include in in his own web site probably with an iframe. is this Possible? (in wpmu I use subdomains)

  2. Some times this particular users “site” needs to be styled differently than the “sites” of other users, can the interface be designed by user?

  3. Can I sync contacts with Full Contact?

  4. Can I display emails from gmail from a particular user in relation to this users record? (CRM)

  5. How far away do you think are Android and iOS apps?

Thank you very much and I really hope 1 and 2 are possible.

I’ve interpreted your questions as wanting to know if it’s possible to do these things, so I’ll answer that without going into detail how. Let me know if you want more info.

I’m also assuming you have no programming experience/won’t be developing your own plugins.

  1. Yes, this is possible.
  2. It’s certainly possible to style the page based on a user’s preferences. The client will be restricted by the settings you choose to allow him to configure.
  3. Maybe not out of the box, but it’s certainly attainable through some custom development. It shouldn’t be too complicated if it is all Contact info.
  4. There are several ways this can be done, so a bit more details are needed to say for sure. It’s not “plug-and-play” as far as I know though.
  5. iOS apps are in beta, and final release is unknown at this point. Android is not in beta yet. In both cases you can use a “shell” app that basically acts like a browser and fetches your mobile website. The user can’t tell the difference, pretty much. I haven’t done this myself, but there are several threads discussing it.

A bit vague I realize, but hope it helps.

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In addition to Petters response, mobile apps can be made native using a service called You give it the Bubble app and it transforms that into a native mobile app and gives you full access to the code.


Thank you very much Petter, you have understood correctly, that was all I needed to know, I am sure I will have more questions down the way and I am glad that there is a friendly community where one can get help,

Thanks again.

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That is good to know, thank you codurly.