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Is it worth building an app on Bubble?


I’ve been playing around with Bubble, I really like it. I can totally see the potential. I’m going to develop a new idea. I’m currently testing a Wordpress MVP and it’s quickly getting too complicated.

I’d be very comfortable using Bubble for the web app but I’m apprehensive about using it for an Android/iPhone app in a wrapper. The app is very simple code wise, so there would be minimal load but can anyone speak from experience about using Bubble to create apps? Perhaps have any examples?

I’m happy to go all in but would hate to realise a few months down the line that a Bubble app is too slow or buggy.

Any feedback is gratefully received!


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Use something like Glide to build a simple native app and get the bubble data via API ?


For mobile apps, I’d look at something like Adalo. You can likely use Bubble as a backend, but Im not a fan of the wrapper approach. Others on the forum have done it and launched their apps, so it can work, but I’m a big fan of using the right tool for the job. If you want a native app, I’d look at a tool that makes native apps!


Here’s examples of native apps built on bubble. Hope this helps you in making your decision :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the great answers guys. Just to clarify, I didn’t think Bubble would be slow or buggy, rather the act of using a wrapper. The app will be simple design-wise but will have lots of constant iterations in the backend.

I like the idea of Bubble as a backend, didn’t think of that. It allows the freedom to explore different front end solutions. Thanks!

Hi @DR99 Dom

Jasonelle or native BDK is probably the solution to easily create your Apple or Android app. Depending on the complexity of your application, you can create a page with many groups. On the other hand, a complex application in Bubble will require several pages to soften the download time. Also, you can build your native application in Jasonelle and still using Bubble backend, but why do that when you can be an expert with one platform without having to learn Xcode or Studio language or any other ‘wrapper’ coding? :wink:

Good luck in your new project.

10 min. to create a native app in 2020 with Bubble

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