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"is logged in" "is logged out" is gone from my conditional choice

Hi there! As the title says, I no longer have the choices of these two.

Is anyone experiencing the same?

It looks a bug/glitch in the dropdown menu…

They recently made a language change for Users who aren’t the ‘Current User’ (‘has an account’, and doesn’t have an account- as described here: Operators & Comparisons - Bubble Docs).

But for the Current User, Is logged in and is logged out should still appear.

However, when using referring to the Current User, if you click on Has Account, it still shows up in the expression as Is Logged in - so it looks like a glitch in the way the dropdown options are being displayed.

So it shouldn’t cause any functional problems, it’s just a bit confusing.


OK that’s a great info. thank you so much!

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