Is my App broken?

Hi all,

Suddenly my app shows only:

{“statusCode”:400,“message”:“API Connector error: the call bTJDU_oauth_user_data_call is missing, please reinitialize your calls.”}

Any ideas?



I’m not even using any api’s

I get these errors sometimes also. I know you’re saying you don’t use any APIs but you need to make sure that there is no api’s used in the api connector in either the live or the dev version. What can happen is, even if you don’t have any api calls in the live version, if you add one to dev and you don’t even push it, even the existence of one in the dev version will cause your live site to go down. Make sure your api connector is completely cleared in both versions and you didn’t add an api call in dev by accident and if that doesn’t fix it I’d raise a bug report.

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I even removed the Bubble API plugin… but stiill no luck.

When I try to open the Live Version --> App Data --> All Users I get the error: There was an issue retrieving your data… Please try again in a few minutes…

Raised a bug report :frowning:

Yeah very strange, think that’s the best thing. Let me know what happens curious to hear myself.

Bubble Support fixed the App, this was the explanation:

“It looks like your app hit a corner case. I followed the same ‘Preview’ method from test and live editor and the app loaded normally.”

I’m happy things are back to normal.

I ran into something similar. The solution for me was to delete the cookies for Bubble’s Editor and then try again and everything worked. Figured I’d share in case someone else runs into something similar.

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