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Is noCodeJS still a good service?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Adalo for a while now and I love their native functionality. It’s still such a young service and some important parts are still missing for me to build everything I want.
The only thing stopping me from using Bubble at this point is the lack of native apps with functionality like Camera and Push Notifications… The services for Bubble I’ve seen are SO expensive compared to Adalo, but the option I’ve found that seem to work well is noCodeJS, but the creator haven’t posted anything since November, and I don’t want to start using a service that’s not being updated anymore…

I’ve also looked at Jasonelle, but I’m missing some proper tutorials for how to do these native things…

Somebody willing to point me in the right direction?

I’d check out BDK Native instead. I’ve read some great feedback from the community here. Just run a search in the forum, or click below to one of his posts.

Jasonelle is cool to, but it’s a DIY. Check this post for a bit more info. (Bit lengthy though)

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the fast reply!
BDK becomes very expensive when you want both Android and iOS and I have several apps I want to develop. With Adalo you pay $50 a month with unlimited builds and apps to both stores…

I’ve seen this Jasonelle topic, but I’m missing some information on how to do the native part…

Any other input here?

I did not use it, but the prices caught my attention, you can take a look.


I am completely frustrated with nocodejs. I had a problem during their trial where I couldn’t test notifications with their standalone app. Never got a resolution to it.

I couldn’t build an APK or PWA…Got a response a week later that there was indeed a problem…Which was never fixed. Nor was my first problem just getting their notification testing working.

In other words I do not recommend them in any way.

I have used nativator but my only caveat is support for things like needing to change the splash screen graphics later on. It’s clunky emailing support to re-compile a build. For the cost though, it’s affordable.

I am using and enjoying adalo and bubble too.

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I have to admit that my post has become a complex follow-up to follow instructions! The good news, it costs you $0 per month/app and will take you a few hours to get through. However, the easiest way is to install xcode and then try Jasonelle. Once this step has passed, you will feel much lighter. :wink:

Then you can put your own link and have your native app on your phone in less than 10 minutes. You don’t need anymore a file (read carefully).

10 min. Native App in May 2020 iOS & Android :large_blue_diamond:

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Yeah, I spent a couple of hours reading through and I think I understand it as I also am a front-end developer. But what I am worried about is the the load time and the native feel of it and if it’s gonna be future proof for the app stores. Care to elaborate on it?

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Summary: very acceptable for user experience. Cost effective. You can add more capacity in the future and make it faster.

As I described, the user doesn’t know he’s on a website :slight_smile:

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Ok, I might just give this a try in the weekend :slight_smile:
There is no progress on the Jasonelle plugin? Why don’t we do a small fundraiser and get someone to develop it?

BDK plugin is your easy solution :wink: Not free.
I’m with you with this fundraiser :slight_smile:

I have the Jasonelle expert. We have to raise $2,000. It’s 40 people at $50 (or something)

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That’s do able, right? You seem like a very well seasoned Bubbler, and I’m very new. Should we try to get people on-board for this?

Yes, very possible. I paid Bubble 3 years ago $2,500 to build the first plugin :slight_smile:
You need to create a post with fundraising, and see who is in the boat.
It’ll be a must. I can post your offer on my post once completed.

Ok, will do. Should we do this through gofundme or something?

No need to make a gofundme. It is enough to seek to collect the interested people first. The time required to build the plugin is about 2 to 4 weeks. Payment will be made directly with Bubble when purchasing the plugin.

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Sounds good! Should I post it in the Plugin dev or in Need help/Plugin?

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The “Idea” section is read by many. But you can change it afterwards. It’s a community call. The biggest effect anyway will be when I link your post. :slight_smile:
PM me if any thought.

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