Is off! Questions about performance and bugs like this

Is anyone having problems?


Very strange here, is not loading anything in the database. It keeps loading forever. I have tried all the alternatives. Seeing in debug shows an error to contact and report the bug …

I am worried because I am developing an app that will have an average audience (500 simultaneous views), I am developing everything using external database and few things with internal database, such as login. Even so, I was concerned about this problem now.

Have you been using the bubble for audiences of this size? Even paying the professional bill has this kind of problem happened? And when it happens, is it resolved fast even if it’s on the weekend? It’s been almost 1 hour now and I haven’t had feedback from the bubble team. I think problems happen, but you need a quick answer to solve.

May be this was happen because of external plugins.
Kindly check on the console errors, if still there is not errors from external plugins then, Check the database privacy. Both are none then, please share the app editor url.

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