Is random string unique all the time?

I created random string for my patients module, but am not sure will it be unique all the time as I want it to be unique. I used unique ID but its too long and for some reasons its not displayed in repeating group and If it does still its very difficult to search records by typing whole unique id.

No, a random string is random… but it’s not unique (it might be unique, but there’s no reason to expect it to be, other than basic maths)

If (for some reason) you need it to be unique then you’ll have to manage that yourself.

But, what is the purpose here? How is a random string any easier to search by than the unique ID?

Can’t you use something a bit more human readable for searching? (like the patient’s name?)

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Unique id is too long and its difficult to search by data entry operator specifically when there is huge crowd of patients.
For patient’s name it still not possible to search because names can be similar.

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