Is search constraint "Created date > MM/DD/YYYY" not possible?

I’m struggling with what seems like it should be really simple. All I want to do is set up a search constraint that says something like Created date > 1/1/2018 or some other fixed date. But as shown in screenshot, there seems to be no direct way to do this. The expression builder is stuck in “search mode” – all I want to do is enter a fixed date.

Is this not possible? (And if not … why not?)

Thanks in advance for any help. Hopefully I’m just missing something easy/obvious.


p.s. I’m guessing there’s a hacky workaround using hidden input boxes and default values, but … that doesn’t seem right.

Hey @edd,

One of the easiest ways to get some Date-type data is via the Current date/time and :change to modules. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @copilot. I understand and have used those features, but in this case I don’t care about the current date/time or any time relevant to current date/time. I literally just want to put in a static date as a comparison operator value, and as best I can tell there is no way to do that. Again, unless I’m misunderstanding something.

The idea is to get started with something of the Date type and working forward, and that’s where :changed to modules can help! You could use Current date/time module to get started, tack on the :change year to module for something like ‘2018’, then :change month to for ‘1’, followed by :change date to for ‘13’ and so on. :wink:

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Ah, so I was misunderstanding. Yes, that works. Thank you! Still seems a bit odd to not just be able to put in a date, but all in all it’s not that hacky. Appreciate your help.

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