Is searching for secondary attribute in an option set possible?

Hi there,

I have an option set called “Days”, with 2 attributes :

  • display (text),
  • and number (number)

Monday is “1”, Tuesday is “2”, etc.

“Users” have a field “Available” which is a list of that option set.

My goal is to filter users that are available on specific days (in a repeating group) by matching the “day of the week” as a number extracted from a calendar (Monday returns 1, tuesday 2, etc.) to the “Available” field.

The search would look like : “Available” contains "Days’ number "

But when I setup such filter, my option set only returns the “Display” field with the text option and I can’t seem to access the number or search through it, as you’d do it. I can see why, since the type in “Available” as a list of “Days” seems to return only text.

However, I do not see why there’s an option to add several attributes to an option set if you can’t search through/access them.

The obvious way for me would be to create an option set of type “number” instead of “text”, which does not seem possible. I’ve tried adding numbers in the text field but the search doesn’t work as the types don’t match.

Am I missing something ? Is there a way to achieve what I’m trying to do ?

Thanks a lot

Hi there, @lao… if I understand your post correctly, I believe this advanced filter would do the trick.

I already gave you a heads up about advanced filters on another one of yours posts, so I won’t do it again here.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot Mike !

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