Is spike in page views a mistake?

I was monitoring my website earlier, and there was a massive spike in the number of page views, up from around 200 to 3000, at midnight, so not a time you expect your website to be busy.

Is this a mistake? or am I being DDOS’d?

Just curious.

Thanks - Alex

What also makes it look strange, is that when the page views peaked at 3000, the number of work flows was low.

I did a quick spot check in a few apps and haven’t seen spikes of that sort. Likely your app. Curious to hear more…

Were the page views of your index page? Other pages that are listed in your sitemap?

Strange. I didn’t notice any spikes like this in my apps when checking recent logs. One thing you may want to do is install 3rd party analytics (like Google Analytics) to serve as another source of statistics like page views. This would also reveal how these views are originating without much legwork (basic JavaScript snippet copy and pasted into your app’s Settings page -> SEO/metatags tab).

The only thing I was doing on my sider was exporting the user data, but doubt this could’ve caused it.