Is the Bubble T-shirt shop no longer available? (

Bubble used to sell Bubble t-shirts - is the shop no longer available?


:frowning: - still being able to fit in to my “” t-shirt is one of the major drivers for a healthy lifestyle :yum:

From another thread:

Also, you’ll be the first to get the exclusive and brand new Bubble merch I have coming in.

So I guess some new merch is coming soon.

How to lose weight using Bubble: Attach your iPad Pro to the gym treadmill. Moving things around is a little up and down but you get used to it.

Generally only v-necks suit women so I suppose I can get the Bubble logo .svg and just put it on a custom t.

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I would buy such a merch

We took it down a while back, but if more people show some interest, that could be a fun little project for a hackathon…