Is there a better way....inventory module

So I am building an inventory module for my app and can’t seem to find a faster simpler way to work with the data.

I have to order items for the restaurant and need to build an inventory manager that will hold the last inventory count and a space for the new count. I do have a basic version of this started but it is very manual intensive. I have tried a few different items but nothing seems to be smoother than the labor intensive process.

Basically I create a data type that is inventory. then fields for say coke. Coke Unit type (ie gallon or box), Coke Count (the count i have on hand), Coke Store name (it’s easier for employees to read coke box instead of 5gall syrup box coke product coke).

Then I have fields where all these items work for entering information but the problem is that I would have to have 3 fields for each item and restaurants order many different items. I can’t figure out a way to do this easier.

Another thing to add is this is going to create an actual order form that is then sent to the distribution center and they can process the order so having all the information is critical.

Any ideas would be a great help.

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