Is there a bug with 7 column repeating groups?

I’m trying to create a repeating group with 7 columns and 1 row.

Working with 5 columns works fine:
Screenshot 2022-02-20 at 10.44.01

Same with 6 columns:

But when I set 7 columns I actually get 8 in the front end:
Screenshot 2022-02-20 at 10.45.56

Anyone got any idea why this might be? But when I go 7 or more columns it always adds another making n+1 columns compared to the panel in the editor.

Hi @mattblake,

It looks like you’re using the legacy layout engine. I gave it a quick test using Text type and can’t reproduce. I get the correct number of cells in the editor and preview. Not sure what to suggest unless you have more detail to share.

(BTW, if you’re just starting the design of a new page, you should consider upgrading to the new responsive engine.)

Thanks, I would be using the new responsive engine but some key plugins aren’t yet compatible.