Is there a "Copy Formula" option for elements

I work with a lot of text and input cells most of which use some formula instead of static text. The formulas are very similar within groups and I’d like to be able to copy the formula form one to a dozen or so other cells. This way I may only need to make a slight change to each of those I copied to rather than recreate every formula and database search action I need.

I would copy the elements down as I need them but I am developing different formulas and need to make changes often. Also, they are named specifically and themselves are used in other formulas in other elements. If I had to delete and recreate them by pasting a copied element, I not only need to rename them again, but I also need to go back and edit every other element that references them.

Plus, and this is the thing I most dislike about the way Bubble handles numbers, is that every cell needs a number format and there doesn’t appear to be a way to set a default. The current default requires setting two and something 3 settings…and I’m doing this on hundreds of text and input elements. A weeks worth of my life spending time doing nothing but setting number formats where one simple number format default in the settings area would solve it.

For texts:

For inputs:

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Thanks, yes, that works for formulas that I have in the Conditionals but I use the Initial Content field on Input elements and in Text elements and it’s those formulas that I’d really like to be able copy.

Although that “Copy conditional formatting” has saved TONS of time…that and the Workflow…I don’t know how many times I forgot to use that. If only this was also available for the formulas on the Appearance tab.

Thanks again cmarchan! You’ve been a great help to me…

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You can copy everything in a dynamic text box just by right clicking in the box and slelecting ‘copy’. You can the paste that into another dynamic text box, either before or after what’s already in it:

Or, if you want to copy just a particular expression, just right click on the expression itself and select copy expression:

In order to paste that into a dynamic input you’ll have to right-click on the ‘click’ button and select ‘past expression’:


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Dang…"…forest through the trees". Maybe someone can answer me how I did not see that before or what I’m going to do with all the time you just saved me?

Thank you!

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