Is there a limit on the static file size?


I added the mp3 player plugin, I am now trying to upload an mp3 to it using the “static file” button but it only works for very small file, when I try to upload an mp3 of 9mb, the upload does not happen.

Also I can see that the mp3s are streamed via amazon S3 servers, does this means that each time a user clicks on play for 1 song, this will cause 1 workflow/run? If yes then 10 000 for 1 app can go down very quickly.

Please let me know,

Thank you

No, workflows runs are about the workflows you design in the workflow tab. We have a limit of 50mb for file uploads, so you should be good with 9mb.

Thank you Emmanuel for the reply.

When you say 50mb, do you mean per upload or in total?

Also is there a way to get the uploads inside the app itself or not please.

Thank you,

Per upload.

What do you mean by “get the uploads inside the app itself or not please”?

Is the limit consistent to all account types? Is there any way to raise the limit?