Is there a memory limit for Bubble plugin?

Hi Devs,

I am integrating a crypto SDK with bubble on the server-side. I am getting an error that looks like its memory related. My code works fine in other IDEs but its causing problems with Bubble.

Here is the error:
START RequestId: 3917488b-3664-4096-9434-5199cd414e57 Version: $LATEST 2022-09-16T09:00:06.866Z 3917488b-3664-4096-9434-5199cd414e57 INFO Applied changes: logLevel=Error to log groups ‘all’. # # Fatal error in , line 0 # archived threads in combination with wasm not supported # # # #FailureMessage Object: 0x7ffc2910e010 1: 0x555879b5f864 [/var/lang/bin/node] 2: 0x55587ac8ebfe V8_Fatal(char const*, …) [/var/lang/bin/node] 3: 0x55587a32b173 [/var/lang/bin/node] 4: 0x555879e42720 v8::internal::ThreadManager::IterateArchivedThreads(v8::internal::ThreadVisitor*) [/var/lang/bin/node] 5: 0x55587a333f9a v8::internal::wasm::WasmEngine::ReportLiveCodeFromStackForGC(v8::internal::Isolate*) [/var/lang/bin/node] 6: 0x555879e4078d v8::internal::StackGuard::HandleInterrupts() [/var/lang/bin/node] 7: 0x55587a1ec130 v8::internal::Runtime_StackGuard(int, unsigned long*, v8::internal::Isolate*) [/var/lang/bin/node] 8: 0x55587a5a73b9 [/var/lang/bin/node] END RequestId: 3917488b-3664-4096-9434-5199cd414e57 REPORT RequestId: 3917488b-3664-4096-9434-5199cd414e57 Duration: 20371.71 ms Billed Duration: 20372 ms Memory Size: 128 MB Max Memory Used: 128 MB Init Duration: 353.45 ms RequestId: 3917488b-3664-4096-9434-5199cd414e57 Error: Runtime exited with error: signal: illegal instruction Runtime.ExitError

I need to hear your suggestion

Yes as described in the log message that you posted (128MB). See this thread for additional context/info: Application RAM if full!?!? - #4 by gaimed

As for a suggestion, I have had good success running process on I like this alternative because they have great logging of process requests and you can reuse the node code already written with some slight modifications.

Thanks a lot @bubble.trouble . I am a pipedream user too but I didn’t want to go that direction first before establishing what is wrong with Bubble.

Yeah, you’re probably running out of memory. Just stand that up as a Google Cloud Function instead (cloud functions v2 is super simple and unfussy and very much like the Bubble SSA interface, supports very large memory sizes, is cheap, and super fast).

(Sorry for double reply. Mobile fat fingers!)

Noted and thanks @keith for feedback. Haven’t worked with Google Cloud Function but definitely I will look at it as well.