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Is there a Plugin that does

Hello everyone

I’m displaying some information from the database.
The way I’m doing it delays at 11 seconds because it opens and closes the database 20 times for each row that I need.

Can’t do it with Repeating Group because it displays more information that I need and I want to be sorted from the importance of each row so I’m sorting it manually.

The Data Type that I’m talking about has four fields.
Two of them are the values that I need to display and the other two are referenced from another Data Type.
One is the ID of each row and another one is the ID of the whole group let’s say.

Now if I want the whole group I can use the Repeating Group and it displays all in less than 1 second.

What if I want only 15 of them? It Opens and closes the database 15 times.

I’m calling the database every time because I need the car-specification-id for each field that I want to display.

Is there a Plugin to open the database once, take the information, and close it? I can’t find a way in Bubble.


Like I told you in private, you can alreadybdo that without plugins and by settings one request to get all info first and the filter according to what you need to display. I dont have an example but probably someone will come in. Also search about the :filtered by function

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Yeah but still I don’t know how to. Or I don’t understand what you mean.

Go through the practice sessions and then check YouTube. Users need to learn the basics on their own, and then the intermediate and advanced stuff from the forum.

It’s really hard to explain basic concepts if you don’t know the most basic elements of bubble. Not knocking you, just stating fact.

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Very helpful. I guess that’s your answer for everyone who’s asking

Everyone who is asking very fundamental things.

But if you want to review all my replies, you will see that this reply is far the minority.

oh, common… I didn’t open this topic to chat…

Man. He gave you the answer. You said you didn’t understand. It’s a basic concept. Why is it hard to accept that you might need to review fundamentals?

It’s the whole “teach a person how to fish thing”.

We all learned them, I’m just suggesting you do too. Its not a bad thing. You will learn how to save yourself valuable time.

Either way. Good luck.

Well. I guess you haven’t understood yet that I don’t know what he is talking about… now if I would know a little bit maybe I would have found the answer by now.
And you… instead, to elaborate e little more about this… you are teaching me about morals.

It’s the whole “teach a person how to fish thing”.

really?? how are teaching me??

Repeating Group

Search for DT car specification data:filtered

(Filtered box)
Some value = some value

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Thank you Doug for your reply. But I have already done that. That’s why I have a delay of 11 seconds because it opens and closes the database for each row I want to display.

The idea is to take all the information at once. Like Repeating Group and then render it to each Text Element.

Thanks again.

Yea and i’m pretty sure that’s the solution i provided

I’m pretty sure too. But I’m not talking about Repeating Groups.

Thanks again.

You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make them drink. I wish you the best, man.

Whatever man… next time lead the horse to the lake, not the ocean.

I wish you the best too.