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Is there a possibility for my members to have their own picture board?

I am new to bubble. I am looking for a way to create an app on which my members have acces to my member site but also can have a private pinboard on which they can place pictures or even better share the pictures with friends if they like so. Is this possible?

Yes, those high-level capabilities all seem straightforward (i.e., definitely possible) on Bubble.

Thanks for your quick response
than an even more important question, am I as an non professional app builder also capable of doing this. I have no knowledge whatsoever I would like to know in advance before I spend hours on trying to create something that I am not capable of. Doe anyone have experience withs this?

Good question to ask up front! :slight_smile:

I can’t know whether Bubble is right for you. What I can say is: you don’t need to know how to code to use Bubble. That’s why I use it. I’m not a coder, nor have I ever been.

That said, there’s definitely a learning curve to Bubble. It probably takes 10-20 hours to become comfortable with the basics, whereas you could spend months on the advanced stuff and still feel like there’s a lot more that’s possible to learn. I would be curious to hear what other people think about this as well.

I took a class on Udemy when I got started. It showed how to build an AirBnB clone in Bubble. (note, the clone has the core features on AirBnB but is clearly not the same entire app that AirBnB’s team of 100? or 1000? engineers build and maintain.

The course instructor literally created the entire clone during the video series and explained step by step what he was doing and why. By taking the course, I was able to understand how bubble works, evaluate whether it was likely to meet my needs, and get a sense for whether I wanted to make an investment in really learning Bubble. I think the course was 30 hours or something. You can likely figure out whether Bubble is something for you in the first 10 hours.

That’d be the best way I know how to evaluate this for yourself. Here’s a link to the course if you’re interested:

Thank you so much. This is really helpful. I am looking for a long period now for a possibility to create an app that is able not only to show people what I want to show but where my clients can also post pictures or share craft ideas. (kind of like pinterest) Creating an app seems not to be a problem but as soon as I start talking about a two way system either the systems where I can build myself are not capable of doing so or I can buy custom made apps that cost me a fortune. From that experience I learned that asking upfront is better than trying one hundred times myself. I will look into the course because I guess that the features there are kind of the features that I am looking for.

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You’re welcome. Best of luck!