Is there a possibility of reusable group

Not sure whether to put in “Idea” section or “how to”.

I wanted to know if it is possible to create “Reusable Group”. Right now we have “Reusable Element”, but that is a totally different bird. You can access elements inside it only via custom states, and that element can’t really trigger workflows or access parent page for other things.

That makes it really cumbersome to make changes, invoke workflows.

However, if there was just a reusable group which just acted as if it was on same page itself, but just that it could be reused at different places, then it would help a lot.

A reusable element can be:



Thanks @cmarchan. I am aware of that option. But even with that I can’t access elements inside a reusable element just like as if they were located on same page, right? Or can I?

It is helpful to consider that reusable elements do not know what page they are on. This is why you cannot communicate with them conventionally.

Suggestions to interact with REs:

  • Within the RE setup a custom event and access it from the outside with this action:

  • REs can send or read urls. So … from the outside send url parameters (with the action “go to page” that can be read from inside the RE). Or alternatively … from within the RE send url parameters to a page invoking the same action.

  • You can use conditions in elements to react to the url parameter being displayed

Hope this helps! :+1:

Thanks @cmarchan for the detailed reply.

Maybe I was not clear in my first post. I am aware of all these options. But you see these are all workarounds and are cumbersome. One needs to create states and keep changing/checking their values in different workflows etc. There are no triggers possible when a custom state of an element is changed. One can invoke workflow inside a reusable element, but from a reusable element can’t trigger workflows outside it.

I also understand why it is like this. It is like this because a reusable element is not aware of where it is placed.

That was the core of my initial question. I know reusable element has certain characteristics and limitations.

I wanted to know if there is a possibility of reusable group which doesn’t behave as opaquely as a reusable element does.

Just like we can freely access elements of a group placed on a page it would be nice to access elements of a reusable group.

Then this may be what you are looking for:

Thanks. Very interesting.