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Is there a push function or an alarm function?

I am currently the creator of several apps on Glideapp. It is being used well in many ways. However, it is a pity that there is no push function or alarm function. Does Bubble have such a feature? If yes, please answer with an example.

Natively, no. But you can use thousands of integrations to accomplish it… No big deal.

I’m glad it’s not a big deal. Could you please introduce an example app.

Progressier allows you to send push notifications to specific users, which you can target by email. Integrates pretty well with Bubble. Link to the site in my profile.

Another example is OneSignal, which can be integrated via API. Works on mobile , desktops, browsers and etc… Basicaly any service that you can integrate thru API can be used.

I suggest you to take a look in some options before make any move…

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