Is there a simple tutorial on setting up linked database tables and referencing them in dynamic expression

I assume this is part of database 101 and should be made available by Bubble in their materials but not only can I not find it there, I can’t find this anywhere on Google. Any help is appreciated.

If you haven’t seen it already, it couldn’t hurt to start by checking out the Connecting types section of the Creating a Data Structure topic in Bubble’s documentation.


Did that and I have triple confirmed I’m doing it correctly.

Must I create a Join Table? It seems insane that would be the answer.

Also, this makes no sense to me. Where is Option 4, which is to do this: How to Add a Data Type as a Custom Field | Bubble

They reference that you can do this, but then don’t give it as an option. I’m so confused.

It’s like they’re missing a video.

First you do this: How to Set Primary Fields For Your Data Types | Bubble

Then you do this: How to Add a Data Type as a Custom Field | Bubble

But then after doing these two things, in the Dynamic Expression it doesn’t tell you how to limit a result based on the linked Data Type. Where is that video?

I’ve literally spent two days on this simple issue and cannot find an answer. I’ve even posted a job post on Upwork to try get help.

I can’t promise that I can help, but I have definitely been around the Bubble block, and I would be happy to jump on a call and chat (for free) to see if I can help sort it out… up to you.