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Is there a template I need?

Hi! I can’t understand if there a template I need. The task is to make a platform for educational project. It’s mixed project: offline, online, in different places and we need to count the amount of people. So the user goes and chooses lessons or the other options (sometimes we make 2-3 days camps so we add meal or night stay). And activities and lessons must have age limitation option, because some of them are 0+, some 6+ etc. And it must look like selling tickets, like 6 places left, hurry up and so on).
And when the user choose his activities and options, there goes several steps after it: the user needs to see his schedule, total price and then to pay for it. We (admins and our teachers) need total schedule option with the total amount of people for each lesson, total profit, teachers’ salary and other options. What can it be? Thanks