Is there a way for users to report others' profiles?

I’d like to know if there is a way for a user to report another user’s profile. Like, could I make it so if a certain user is reported x number of times his profile is disabled, or maybe the person running the app receives an e-mail saying a specific user was reported and they can manually disable that user’s profile?

Hi there, @sofsmendonca… you can definitely do what you described, and it could be as simple as having a reported (number) field on the user profile data type that stores the number of times a profile has been reported. When the number for a particular user reaches a certain threshold, you could have an action take place. The action could be that the person who is running the app gets an email or you could do something like set a disabled field on the profile to yes and then use that field to do whatever you are going to do with a disabled profile.

Hope this helps.


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