Is there a way to capture the non-selected values of a dropdown list?

Hello! Noob here.
I have a dropdown list which is displaying the Name field(Name) of a Data type (Report)
I want to capture the Names of all the other Reports that is not the selected item in the dropdown into a Custom state list.
Is there a way to do this?

Hi weech,

you can use a “search for… Report” where unique id is not dropdown_value (assuming your value is a Report, if it’s text from the report name you can filter your search with the report name too)
then you chain to that the function “each item: name” which will return a list of text containing the names of all the reports except the one that is selected in your dropdown.

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I’d personally create a new workflow that’s triggered whenever the value of the dropdown menu is changed.

In this workflow, you can set a custom state on your page. This custom state will store a list of your reports data type.

When you’re storing this state, simply perform a search for ALL of the reports in your database, then select to minus an item from this list.

The item you’ll want to minus is the report selected from the dropdown menu.

This will then store all of the reports, except for the one that was just selected.

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