Is there a way to clone an image that's already saved on Bubble?

I have an image that is saved on Bubble (on another app). I want to clone it into my app and rename it, but it doesn’t work due to this:

If a file is added using this operator, but the file already exists in S3, the original link will be saved. A new version will not be uploaded.
If the file you are looking to rename has already been saved to S3, this will not update the name.

Basically it’s not cloned and hence cannot be renamed.

Any way to get around this?

Try making an GET API call to the URL of the file, it should return the file again and clone it :smiley:


Thanks man! let me try it :smiley:

It works! Thank you!!

Btw is there any way to specify the filename in the call?
The usual :save to S3 and setting the filename doesn’t work, because the image is already saved and filename is fixed.

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