Is there a way to colour code say red from #1-10 in my RG and green from #11-20 and etc

Hi all,

Just wondering is it possible that if i could do something like that in bubble?

Welcome to the bubble community, have you followed the basic lessons and tutorials? This way, you’ll build a solid foundation and feel more confident tackling any other questions that come up.

You can achieve the above, using conditional statements or by attaching the color code to the data type.

Ah, thanks for replying.

It’s not what i wanted, what i meant is

I have a list of users who sign up for gift redemption. I would like to delegate tasks to counter 1 to counter 4. Each counter will be be assigned to their own colour code. say

  • red #1-10
  • yellow #11-20
  • blue #20-30
  • red #30-40

Im not sure I understand why there cant be a conditional rule based on the number?

Maybe i dont understand what @nocodeventure meant. do you mind explain how do i do that?

Like when current cells index > 10 make the colour Y :slightly_smiling_face:

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i will have 300-500 guests during the event.

how do i create a loop that every 10 guest it changes colour accordingly?

Modulo operator