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Is there a way to convert Dynamic text to Static text?

Hi again.

I’m making a marketplace that allows user to purchase items without needing to sign up, with the current Bubble/Stripe setting you can only achieve this by A. Creating a dedicated ghost account and let the customers use this account in the backend of the payment, or B. You can sign up the users every time user checks out and delete this account when the payment is done. So, I’m using the later case. However, the timing of the deletion of the account is the key for smooth transaction.

I’m struggling to achieve displaying the ordered info(receipt) data…
When the user approach [Checkout Confirmation Page] at the completion of the payment, I’m deleting the user account, but if I delete this account, user will lose the ordered data because of the deletion of the user account.

So, I thought this can be achieved by using Custom State and set the data before the account gets deleted, but when the user account gets deleted the data on the Custom State also gets deleted because, the data is dynamically pulled from the database… I was thinking to convert this dynamic data(Order Record’s) unique id, but no luck.

Is there a good way to achieve this? Any suggestions?

I just realized sending the unique id of the data as URL parameters works charmingly.

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