Is there a way to delete a list of uploaded files in file manager?

Is there a way to delete a list of uploaded files?

In my scenario, when a user deletes their chat, all things are deleted from the database, but a bunch of uploaded files remain in the file manager. I would like to figure out how to delete not just one uploaded file, but an entire list at once.

Nope, not that I know of. You’d need to schedule a list of WFs to delete a list of file URLs 1 by 1 using the Delete an uploaded file action


I am familiar with this method, but it requires switching to a paid plan, which isn’t quite suitable for me at the moment… I was wondering if there might be another way, possibly through the API. Thanks for the response anyway.

You can do front end looping. But on a free plan, it only allows 200 DB items. Not sure if the files count.

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I suppose i’ll have to use a custom event for this, but haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Maybe you could give me a starting point, and i’ll try to build on that, that would be super useful :slight_smile: