Is there a way to delete or Update Element Templates

Is there a way to delete or update the style of Element Templates?

I am trying to improve performance of my app by eliminating the native Barlow/Lato font (loads every time) . I have checked all the pages of my app and none of the pages contain any element with Lato font.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi there, @SumitC… if I understand your post correctly, I think the Optimize App feature might be what you need. Check it out…


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If interested, I’m available to talk through your problem live (am currently hosting free office hours - see here).

In any case, there is no way to remove those core fonts from the editor (Although if someone knows otherwise please say so). However, you can delete styles that you aren’t using. Plus, there is @mikeloc recommendation if you want to go the exhaustive route of removing unused resources from loading.

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