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Is there a way to ensure that player-entered logs persist from 'location' to 'location'? Explained within

Hi everyone, on the gameplay part of my app (below), I have created a system where logged in players, using specifically-created characters, are able to ‘speak’ in the game world. I have created two ‘locations’ that can be moved between, but in order to ensure that each location’s logs only show in that location, I ended up making it so that the logs do not stay persistent to the Characters.

Here is my app:

If you have the time, I would be very happy for you to sign up, make a character, and try to figure out a way that I can make this ‘Activity Log’ persist from the perspective of the characters when they go from location to location, without (a) letting everyone see everything in every location and (b) showing old messages when a character returns to a previous location.