Is there a way to fetch Headers from an API WF (GET)?


I was wondering if there was any way to fetch the headers on a GET/ API WF. I know this is doable with automatical detection on POST calls. But in my case I am listening to a webhooks and the headers contain the user Agent.

Thks for your help

Hi @nicolas15
not sure if there is another way, but I often use hookdeck for any kind of webhook related stuff - it usually solves all your problems :smiley:

What service are you trying to subscribe to?

Hi Konrad @kkirner92

i am creating a plugin for the CRM Pipedrive. I think I will follow your method as I also need to handle DELETE calls in order to comply with the Marketplace requirements.

Thanks for the answer

TBH, I am pretty sure that Pipedrive will send you a classic post request, no?

β†’ So set your endpoint to β€œPOST” and select the option to retrieve header information?

True when you create a classical webhook, but I am building a json panel from an app i want to distribute on the marketplace. The panels sends a get with url params and headers. I also need to support DELETE calls.

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I understand!
In this case, hookdeck is your friend :+1:
Have fun!

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