Is there a way to find out/test speed and optimization of different setup?

Or is there a good guide for this somewhere?

For example:

I have an input field with custom validation (so I use regex to validate it). I want to display a message in a text field under it depending on if it is valid, invalid, or already taken.

I currently use these cumbersome conditions on the text field:

But it is a tad too slow.

I am looking into swapping this to use states of something, I’m not even clear on how to use this. With or without an option set.

Can I verify which way would be faster? If so how?

But it then it occurred to me, is creating 3 text fields with the prewritten text there and just showing/hiding them based on the conditions be faster (less efficient in the number of elements, but more efficient in changing visibility rather than changing a field’s content)?

And lastly, are rules in conditionals more or less efficient than workflows?

Thanks in advance