Is there a way to have “OR” and “AND” values in bubble

Can we Use And - Or functionality in bubble as we have in normal programming?

yes. But if you explain more what you want to do, we can tell you how you will use it.

Basically I am using Goodread’s API and over there I have to use a parameter but the problem is I can use only one parameter. I was hoping if bubble allows to go for And -Or functionality then I would be able to search across multiple parameters

You can definitely do ands / ors, but we need more context to help here methinks.

Hi, I have mentioned my context in the reply above. I hope that helps.

You want to search the API result or you want to use different parameters in your API call?

Hi @Jici I basically want to search different parameters in the API

If you can show what you have tried and what you expect, this may be easier.

In the below attached screenshot I have hard coded the parameter to be title. Is it possible to use two different parameters using or so that I can search across title and author


When I look at Good read API, what I see is that you need to specify one search field (not possible to choose more). But you can set “all” to search[field] to search all field.


Thanks a lot

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