Is there a way to hide/ delete an element forever?

I have a button that I only want the user to be able to use once and then it’s deleted/hidden.
When I select hide element, it only hides the button temporarily, when the user goes back to that page, it’s there again.
Anyway to just delete it or to hide it forever?

Set a yes/no field in the database, and have a condition on the element relating to that field…

I’m new to bubble and I don’t really know what that means. I’ve put a yes/no field on the database, do I have to put anything in the dynamic data in the button? And what do I put in the conditions?

If you’re that new to Bubble then I’d suggest taking a step back from this, working through the basic tutorials and reading through the manual to get to grips with the very basics of building apps in Bubble, like storing data and using conditionals…

Then it will be easy to do what you’re trying to do…

But to summarize…

  • Use a yes/no field on the User datatype to determine whether they’ve seen the button or not, probably with a default value of ‘no’

  • Add the button to the page… I’d make it ‘not visible on page load’

  • Then just add a condition on the Button so that when the current user has not previously seen it (i.e. their value for the relevant field on the User datatype is ‘no’) this button is visible.

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Thanks for the help!

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