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Is there a way to keep Temporary Users data more than three days?


I have read the Bubble Manual about Temporary Users and it looks like they delete the “Current Users” data after 3 days. Is there a way to make this period longer? In fact I would like to avoid showing the Cookies Banner after three days, it looks way too agressive for my visitors.

I believe the other alternative is to create the Temporary User in my DB but is it GDPR compliant? How does other website do to not ask for cookies consent ever again before clearing my cookies?

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This is a great question - I haven’t had to make a GDPR-compliant site yet and will be watching this thread.

Wait, how are you using this to conditionally show the cookies banner?

I was reading the manual, and it says we have access to temporary users. But I can’t think
of how to actually access it and save it for conditional use?

This is a topic to follow, yes. I am also interested in.

Cookies a’d GDPR management is not an easy stuff. If some tutorials or tips could be shared, would be awesome!

Temporary users data are stored for three days but are not showing on the users DB. To achieve your goal, create a value in the Users listing “haveInteractedCookiesBanner” and set default values to “no”, then change this value to true in the Workflow when the user click on Accept or Decline. Play with Hide and Show the Banner based on this custom state and here you go.

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Oh look at that, that works great. I had no idea we could access and store cookies this way. Thanks.

Estou com um problema parecido e não consegui encontrar muita ajuda.
Eu desabilitei a opção para pegar o cookies dos usuários por padrão, coloquei um banner com um botão de “aceitar” e “recusar”. Quando o usuário clica em aceitar o bubble pega os dados do mesmo e esconde o banner, mas se ele navegar entre outras pagina e voltar para o index ou simplesmente apertar o “F5” o banner vai aparecer outra vez e isso é muito chato.
Gostaria de uma ajuda para resolver isso. Agradeceria muito se alguém pudesse me ajudar com isso.