Is there a way to make a page data optional?

I have one page with a list of things. I want to filter that list of things whenever some data is passed in the page. This is optional for the page to function, i.e. when no data is passed it will show the whole list.

However, from the menu, nagivation action requires a data to be sent, causing an error.

Is there no way to make the page data optional?

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No, but yes. As with all functions of Bubble that are half baked and do not provide all the features required to use them effectively, you have to become creative.

You can create a data field on user that is of the same type of data the page type is…for the field in my apps I label it ‘empty…’ and when I want to send a user to a page that has a content type, I send the empty related field on the user data type…that way data is sent, but the data is empty.

Right OK. I was thinking it would create another bug. But it works thanks.

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