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Is there a way to run a workflow multiple times before going to the next step?

So I have a step in my workflow and I would like to run it 5 times in a loop or until reaching a condition before moving on the next step?

Is it possible or is there a plugin for that?

You can do it easily with a Backend Workflow that is conditionally scheduling itself.


Hey @hirayaleads :wave:

I normally use backend workflows like @shpak.serhiy suggested and run it with an iteration number.

There is also a plugin for those who don’t have access to the backend as well. I have used this in some cases to run a loop. Check it out: Simple looper (workflow repeater) Plugin | Bubble

Hope that helps! :blush:


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This can also be done with database triggers to recursively update particular fields. The benefit of working with recursive triggers is that there are strong guarantees of sequential execution. In contrast with recursive workflows, without a time delay to the next call, the workflow are scheduled within milliseconds of each other; losing the sequential execution guarantees.

Coming soon from Genstate is our first instructional video content: “Cascading and Recursive Triggers in Bubble”

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This is one of the features of my List Shifter plugin. Video that recaps how its ITERATE action works (which allows you to sequentially run a Bubble workflow) is here… Note that, if you’re just trying to do some math or something, List Shifter’s PROCESS List action can do iterative calculations and other types of List manipulations much faster. That’s also explained on the following video:

Main thread for List Shifter is here;

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