Is there a way to select downloaded data in a RG?

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I’m wondering if is there an actual way or trick to choose the data fields downloaded when a search is done, I’m thinking especially to something like the privacy settings.

This could be useful for example when you just have have to :count items without displaying them.

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I think count happening without loading all fields, but I’m also curios if there is a way to limit what data should be downloaded on the page load.

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Make a custom state on the repeating group.
State name = selected
State type = (same as repeating group type)
List = yes

Add a checkbox to the repeating group cells.

Add a Workflow for when checkbox is clicked and current cell is not in custom state list
(Action 1) set state of repeating group - add current cell to state selected

add a workflow for when checkbox is clicked and current cell is in custom state list
(Action 1) set state of repeating group - remove current cell from state selected

have a 2nd repeating group that is 1px by 1px
Source is list of first repeating group state “selected”

Have a button for download - on click
Use csv download plugin based on repeating group 2

I’m not sure If you’re asking for something similar to this.

You can reffer to a initial search that you did.
For example, in a text element, you can pull the already searched or loaded list from a repeating group or data from a group and use that info.

You can also achieve this with a “hidden” popup (that you will never open with a workflow, wiell be only to pull data from there) with various groups or elements with this kind of searches that will be used in 2 or more elements.

This is the same initial Repeating group called as Var - Users List (so you can pull that initial search from any other element in your page)

So, Bubble will not do the search 2 or more times, only once, improving the performance.

I created an example for you in a test app for you: (click the link below :point_down:t2: )

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