Is there a way to simply launch a users email client software from a button click?

Is there a simple way to launch your email client software and populate it with ‘email to’ address? Some of my customers want to send emails to users but through their own mail software (apple mail, outlook etc)

I’m probably being dim but apart from using an ‘Open external website’ in the workflow I can’t see anything. I used to use Filemaker and whenever you used an email address and clicked on it, it simply launched your email software. Nice when you need to vary the subject and content regularly.

I could create a work around where I launch a popup that the user adds subject and content to but it still won’t be in their ‘sent’ box on their mail software,


You need to integrate the email service through the API

Would a simple mailto link not work here?

Actually I haven’t tried that. Thanks, I’ll report back.

Perfect! Thank you! I added the mailto: link into the Open External Website and inserted the dynamic email address. It opens the mail software.

Many thanks. I felt it was simple but kept trying the ‘send email’ workflow.

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Hi again, did you ever have any luck using ‘bcc=’ to creat emails as BCC ?
I don’t want users seeing other folks email addresses.

Many thanks.

Try mailto:?bcc=emailaddress1;emailaddress2