Is there a way to sync linked Data Types automatically?

Using examples of Books & Authors

Is there a way for me to link the data types so that a linkage on one type (book) updates a linkage on another type (author)?

For example, I set my Book Data Type to have “Book 1” with Authors “A” and “B”. is there a way for that to automatically update Author “A”'s data with Book 1 and the same for Author B without having to update their data sets myself.

Hope that’s clear, Thanks!

This isn’t exactly what you’re asking, but instead of updating the Authors data type, you could just do a search for all books that have Author A listed in their authors.

thats a good way around it, thanks for the idea. If there is still a way to have these different data types “sync” when the link is made on one data type, I’d appreciate the info! Would help with matters of exporting data etc.