Is there a way to test that the page has fully loaded?

Hi there,

I have a page that has many repeating groups and searches for their data. Most of them are all hidden initially, and then become visible as needed. Depending on the user, there can be quite a large amount of data in these repeating groups once loaded.

In the worst case scenario, I’m seeing a wait time of about 10-15 seconds before anything on the page becomes clickable, even though it looks like the page has loaded. Behind the scenes it hasn’t and so the page is in this state of freeze.

I can easily show loading spinners and other things that at least indicate to the user that the system is still loading, but I’m not sure how to query and test that. Any ideas on how to check absolutely everything is finished loading and the page is now “live” so to speak?

There is a parameter that can tell you



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