Is there a way to track number of visitors/unique vistors to a page?

I don’t know about a plugin, but you could just internally create your DB to store the information and when a user visits a page add that to the DB

In terms of unique visitors, it may be tricky with the DB as users not logged in, when creating entries in DB, I believe are removed after a few days and then the ‘creator’ would be blank.

The above approach by @tjc4 is workable, but my above point of users not logged in may be an issue.

Another alternative is to have a DB of visitors, when they a page is loaded create a visitor, and the creator field will be the user…then when you want to see all unique visitors you can parse the data using unique elements operator; also when you want to see how many times a single user has visited a page you can do that also, as each time they visit they create a DB entry…this will give more insight opportunity than just adding a user to a list once as that will not capture all the information that may be beneficial from creating an analytics like this.

Another example of an analytic you could glean from the DB entries of visitors is the time users visit the page and put together graphs based on number of visits compared to time of day.

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