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Is there a way to trigger a picture upload through a button or icon instead of picture uploader?


I’m digging up an old post that you’re authored cause this solution didn’t work and I’m wondering if you might have an idea why.

When I use your script in the workflow, it actually gave me a syntax error.

What am I doing wrong?

Here, I’ve defined the image uploader with an ID

Here, I copied and pasted your script in the Toolbox API

Here, the error is displayed when I ran the app.

great solution @tona. this worked!

You rock, @tona

Can you show in more detail how to do this? Im still new to bubble and im trying to use a button to upload an image instead of the photouploader. TIA

I don’t know if it works for button, but it works for icons.

  1. Create a css style with file uploader type
  2. In Appearance, select background type static image and place the icon or button.
  3. Apply the style you just created in the fileuploader to your page