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Is There A Way We Can Add Stripe's New "Billing" feature they just laucnhed today?

“Billing” just launched today and has some really good tools, like the ability to send an invoice with a simple payment link to pay using Stripe.

Can it be added to the existing Bubble Stripe API?

@copilot has been doing some updating to their plugin to accommodate this. I’m jumping ahead a bit to wire everything up so I’m using the API connector manually to fill in the gaps.

Creating a subscription in the new format using a subscription item and quantity of the new product/plan types:

You could do the same if you’re in a rush.


@copilot when do you think you’ll have this feature implemented?

Hey @JustinC,

We’re working on Stripe Billing integration for release this week. :slight_smile:


How does this impact apps created using the stripe plugin made by the Bubble team?

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I’ve got two Stripe accounts. One which I’ve had for years. On my old Stripe account it infos me that Subscriptions have been changed to Products. The Bubble Stripe plugin still detects and correctly names my available plans.

However, on my new Stripe account, I’ve found I have to create a product and then a pricing plan. The unique ID of the pricing plan does show up in the Plan field (not the name as before) on the Bubble plugin.

It would be really handy to have either the Bubble or CoBubble plugin updated asap!


In fact it may appear like the Stripe plan name field isn’t working but it is. The dropdown panel itself just shows blank cells but once selected a pricing plan ID that matches those on my Stripe account does show as selected.

Any update on ETA?

The best way to stay in-the-know is to subscribe to the Stripe.js forum post for release notes and updates. :slight_smile: