Is there an accepted "Clear Screen" icon image?

As the question really. I’m struggling to find an Icon with a suitable image that a user can use to clear a screen. I’ve looked through the Icon libraries under Icon, Ionic Icons and Material Icons but I can’t find anything sensible. What does anyone use for this?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions…

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… what do you mean by clear screen? Are you talking about resetting a bunch of inputs back to an empty state? The only icons that really come to mind are a refresh icon (like the browser refresh) or an undo icon (like Bubble’s undo feature), but in my opinion, you can never go wrong with something that is more explicit like a button with a label such as Reset fields. Sure, an icon might look better, but it will only take a few users losing a bunch of work because they clicked an icon and it did something they weren’t expecting, and then you would likely have to switch to something more explicit anyway.

Just food for thought there… hope it helps.


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Hi Mike
Yes you’re right. Basically, if someone messes up inputting data and wants to turf it all out and start again (so reset the screen basically) then they need a way to do that quickly. I wondered if there was a graphic that implies this. I understand what you say about a button and, actually, this might be better for me because I’ve been putting the label I’d put on a button in a text box with condition that “When [icon name] is hovered” then it becomes visible…but this isn’t ideal if a user’s using a tablet as, presumably, the “hovered” event doesn’t occur when there’s no mouse (is this correct?)
So I think buttons might be the way forward. Thank you!

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Yup, there is no such thing as a hover interaction if someone is using a touchscreen device, so you definitely have to think about that. The fact that you were going out of your way to get a label to show up (just a heads up, though, you could have used the icon’s built-in tooltip field instead of showing a text box on hover) implies (to me, at least) you are somewhat concerned that users might not know what the icon does, and at that point, I would almost certainly go with a more explicit interface.

Good point. I’ve found that the built-in tooltip field can be easily missed and can take a while to become visible (on my machine at least).
It’s probably not strictly necessary to label icons (and some aren’t labelled) but I’ve been quite surprised in the past at how a user can interpret something that I think is pretty obvious so I err on the side of caution in that respect.
Thanks as ever for your help with this. It’s much appreciated.
Have a good day
All the best

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