Is there any blockchain voting solutions on the market?

I’ve heard that some companies are developing blockchain technology based voting system that will change the whole voting structure, as it will be anonymous, transparent and safe. Need to run a vote at my work and it usually took lots of time and resources, was thinking if anybody knows any company that already created voting system based on blockchain technology. Please share your thoughts.

Ive done some research into blockchain for edu credential systems, and I have not been able to find many “Blockchain-as-a-service” companies that are ready for prime time as of yet.

Any reason why it needs to be anonymous? I am asking this because there are plenty of templates or systems that have been built on bubble that utilize voting systems, (like Reddit, Product Hunt, etc…) that could be either utilized or act as a proof of concept as to what can be done.

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I work in the University and I recently used Polys, a blockchain-based voting system that guarantees absolute anonymity, convenience, security and immutability. Their e-voting platform using transparent crypto-algorithms for voter anonymity, with easy and swift deployment on PC and mobile device. Before using Polys it was an absolute disaster for us to run any kind of polls or elections of student councils, associations, trade unions, extracurricular communities and university governing bodies.
I wish to read about other safe, transparent and credible electoral processes. I am sure there are lots of potential ways of making our electoral processes right. For more info, you can visit

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Thanks for the source!

Hey Linda, thanks for sharing the info. I tried to collect as much as possible information from different sources. Spent half a day reviewing website, liked their explanatory video. Talked to the customer service, they were very helpful and friendly. Maybe will give it a try, as they have some trial option for free.