Is there any particular reason why groups might not show up in workflow?

So I’m copying a part of a template into my project and there is a particular part where the groups in the page don’t show up in the workflow. The picture on the left is the template I’m copying and on the right is mine.


As you can see, “group chat” is not an option in mine but only in the last field. On “recepient email (for search)” group chat was there.

What might be causing the problem?

Is there any funny business like “Group Chat” being inside a repeating group?

No. The repeating group is inside of group chat.
Group chat isn’t inside a group.

:thinking: If you create a new group right next to the Group Chat, does that one show up in the list? If so I would say some kind of bug and just replace it

No, it doesn’t. I tried it twice, once with just a group and the other time with a group with the same content type and data source as group chat and it didn’t show up either time.

Also don’t understand why only the repeating group shows up.
This is what the element tree looks like.

The first screenshot from the post was from “group bottom” workflow btw.

Very strange, in your original post the last picture, can you just do “Parent group’s Conversation”? Is that referring to the same conversation? I’m just trying to think of a workaround…

I found the problem!
I have 2 “conversations”, one is a data type and the other is a field within “Message” data type and that “conversation” field was under the wrong field type which was causing the problem.

Thanks for the help!

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This throws a lot of people, including myself! Groups or any elements inside repeating groups are not visible in workflow actions they’re not in the same context as other elements. If you imagine that elements/groups in an RG are not singular, they’re repeated for as many different cells/records as there are in the data source so pointing at one wouldn’t work, as Bubble wouldn’t know which one you want so it just doesn’t give you the option.

Depending on what you want to do, I would have a custom state on the page/reusable etc and when the user clicks on a group in a particular cell is to store the value that you want to access into that custom state. Then you can use the exact value you want in your workflows.

Alternatively you could use a plug-in, the best for this is Vini’s Orchestra and Satelite plug-ins.

I knew about the Orchestra plugin but had no idea the Satellite one existed. I wish Bubble would just add this functionality already from these plugins…

Every post I see asking why you can’t reference something in a repeating group it’s always emmanuel saying “But how would it know which one to reference???” even though this plugin literally provides the answer

Satellite is great for passing data & values across different parts of the app, particularly important for reusables.

I agree & the same with client-side looping, it should just be there. But it’s not & there’s nothing wrong with using plug-ins to get the job done.

Somehow there’s been this thing going around lately, I dunno where it’s come from, esp with new Bubblers that plugins are bad and that they should be avoided at all costs which is wrong. If there’s a hole in functionality and a tried & tested plugin fills that hole then use it. Whenever I seem to mention using a plugin on here I get this response of shock & horror “not a plugin! Never!”. Bubble has functionality holes, it’s can’t cover everything, get over it & just use the tools needed for the job. Jeez :wink:

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